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Packing into a .cytoidlevel file

You have finished your chart! Now how can we play it on Cytoid? You will need to pack your files into a .cytoidlevel file.

Packing by using Cylheim

After finishing your chart, click the top-left button and look down, then click Export to Cytoid. You will see the following window:

Cytoid Level Compiler

Just type what it tells you to do and click on Charts after doing so.

In the Charts tab, you will see the following:


Click on Add chart info first then this will show up:

Chart info

You must add the chart file and change the difficulty from the slider (that goes from ? to 15+).

And for Convert unsupported features in Cytoid as a storyboard (for simulation), you only have to tick the box if you have:

  • Added any event type other than Speed up / Speed down
  • Changed the Argument in Page Manager

If you have done it correctly, you should have the compiler looks something like this:

Filled in metadataFilled in charts data

Packing it manually

To do so, first make sure you have the following files:

  • A level.json file
  • A chart file (at least)
  • Music file (.ogg recommended)
  • Music preview file (has to be less than 30 seconds)
  • Background image (.webp or .webp only)

You can also include the storyboard file(s) if you have it (them).

Now, select everything, zip it, change the .zip extension type to the .cytoidlevel type and rename the file to your ID (e.g., If your ID is abcd.efg, rename the zip to abcd.efg.cytoidlevel).


We used Wanderer Zariq's You're the Miserable as an example for this article. Try it here.

Released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED.