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Cytoid and Cytoid Wiki


What is Cytoid?

Cytoid is a free, open-source and community-driven rhythm game. It is currently available on Google Play and App Store.

Communication channel?

There are 2 main communication channels for Cytoid, Discord and QQ.


Want to learn how to make levels? Interested in weekly tournaments? Or perhaps just want to vibe? Then join us in our Discord community!

QQ Group Chat

For those who are having trouble accessing Discord, try joining our group chat on QQ!

How can I support to Cytoid?

You can support Cytoid by donating on Patreon.


Cytoid is 100% free and open-source. However, the budget we need to make the servers run properly is high. So if you're an enthusiast, why not consider...

Cytoid wiki

Cytoid wiki is an one-stop shop which helps you looking for information related to Cytoid easier. We are currently providing articles about Cytoid, Cytoid gameplay, charting, storyboarding, and official and community events.

Support this wiki!

Everything is always working in progress and this wiki is not an exception. There will always have some problems with the wiki, here is why we really want to look for contributions from you and the community.

If you find something went wrong and can correct it, let us know on GitHub, we should really appreciate your helping.

If not explicitly stated by the article, all rights go to Cytoid.

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