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C2 chart format

Cytus II (C2) chart format is a JSON file, that means you can edit easily in any text editor. This article will explain its concept and parameters that appears in a chart file.



This article aims at Cytoid compatibility, some tools might not be fully supported.

Root parameters

  • format_version: chart format version (not required in Cytoid).

  • time_base: the length of a beat (in tick).

  • music_offset: music playing offset (in seconds).

  • size: note size of all notes. Default: 1.0.

  • ring_color: ring color of all notes (in RGB hexadecimal).

  • fill_colors: array of fill colors of different types of notes (in RGB hexadecimal format).

    • Format: [<click 1>, <click 2>, <drag 1>, <drag 2>, <hold 1>, <hold 2>, <long hold 1>, <long hold 2>, <flick 1>, <flick 2>]
  • opacity: maximum opacity of all notes. Default: 1.0.

  • skip_music_on_completion: if true, the game will skip the music when the player finishes the chart.

  • display_boundaries: display the scanline boundaries.

  • horizontal_margin: the horizontal margin (ranged from 1 to 5).

  • vertical_margin: the vertical margin (ranged from 1 to 5).

  • tempo_list: array of Tempo objects.

  • page_list: array of Page objects.

  • note_list: array of Note objects.

  • event_order_list: array of EventOrder objects.



  • tick: Specify when the tempo will be applied.

  • value: the duration of a beat (in nanoseconds).


This is different from BPM. However, you still can convert by using this equation: 60000000÷BPM.


  • page_index: which page the note is in.

  • type: Type of note, ranged from 0 to 7.

    • 0: Click
    • 1: Hold
    • 2: Long Hold
    • 3: Drag head
    • 4: Drag child
    • 5: Flick
    • 6: C-Drag head
    • 7: C-Drag child
  • id: the note ID


When you chart, be sure that the current note ID is different from the others.

  • tick: the note timing (in tick).

  • x: the note position, in X-axis.

  • has_sibling: let the game know there is any other note in the same tick or not.

  • hold_tick: the length of the hold note


This parameter is only usable in Hold and Long Hold notes (type 1 and 2).

  • next_id: the next note ID to make a Drag/C-Drag chain


This parameter is only usable in Drag and C-Drag notes (type 3, 4, 6, and 7).


When you want to finish the Drag/C-Drag chain, set it to -1.

  • is_forward


  • tick: specify when the event will be triggered.

  • event_list: array of ChartEvent object


  • type: the event type

  • args: the event arguments

    • W: Use when the scanline returns to the original speed
    • R: Use when the scanline is slower than the original speed
    • G: Use when the scanline is faster than the original speed

Released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED.