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Charting with PCtyx


This article is a guide about how to set up PCtyx. You will need to read PCtyx’s official documentation later.

Getting PCtyx binaries on GitHub

  1. Go to PCtyx's repository on GitHub.

  2. Look at the right sidebar, click on Releases.

  3. Carefully read the release note to choose a suitable version for your usage.

  4. On Assets, choose the zipped file depending on your current operating system (OS) and architecture.

  5. Check your file again, the file will look like this: pctyxeditor_<version>_<OS><architecture>.zip. Example: (means version: 300a03, OS: Windows, Architecture: x64).

  6. Extract the downloaded file somewhere you want to.

Running PCtyx


Just go to the PCtyx folder and run PCtyx Editor.exe.


It depends on which version you're using.

v210 or higher:

Just go to the PCtyx folder and run


Follow these steps before running:

  1. Download NW.js (using the Stable version is recommended) and extract into a new folder.

  2. Copy keymap.json to that new folder where you extracted

  3. Right-click and select Show Package Contents.

  4. Copy PCtyx's Contents/Resources folder.

  5. Right-click --> Show Package Contents on and replace the Contents/Resources folder with the copied PCtyx one.

  6. Download FFmpeg and extract <your NW.JS version>, then copy libffmpeg.dylib.

  7. Go to's Contents/Frameworks/nwjs Framework.framework/Versions/Current and replace the libffmpeg.dylib with the copied one.

You don't need to do these again in the future.


  1. Go to the PCtyx folder.

  2. Now, you need to allow PCtyx to execute as a program. Run Terminal and execute this command:

chmod a+x PCtyxEditor
  1. Run PCtyxEditor file.



If PCtyx isn’t working, try to install DirectX 9 by running dxwebsetup.exe in the PCtyx folder. If it still doesn’t work, please update your graphics driver.






You can find more information and troubleshoot by reading the README.txt file in the PCtyx folder.

Ready to go? Read PCtyx’s official documentation at here.

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