# Start Charting

Welcome to the world of charting fanmade Cytus/Cytoid Charts! To get started, you need the following things:

A charting program. For now, we have Cytunity and PCTyx to use. (Windows only. If you have a Mac or Linux, look for options that allow you to run these programs)

A song file. Cytunity accepts .wav or .ogg formats, while PCTyx accepts .mp3, .m4a, or .ogg formats.

You can use Audacity (A free application) to convert song files to the right formats if needed (and even cut/add extra space). Link

If you need to convert to .mp3 format, see here

A background picture to use. Make sure it is reasonably good quality/size and either in 16:9 or 4:3 ratio. Cytunity only takes .png, while PCTyx takes both .jpg or .png formats. It is recommended that you write down or save the link from where you got it, because you will need to include the link to the image and the artist's name in the level.json.

A level.json.

The Next Step Things you need to know:

Cytunity's support for Cytoid is limited. This is because Cytunity does not support flicks, Long Holds and BPM changes.

PCTyx is more modern in terms of charting support, although less intuitive when you start it. It's recommended to start using PCTyx if you want to have all the of the charting features available to you.

If you decided to use Cytunity go here.

If you decided to use PCTyx go here.

If you have finished a chart, go here.

还没做完, 再咕咕咕一会(