# Cytoid Official Wiki

# What Cytoid Is

Cytoid (opens new window) is a rhythm game made by, and for the community, which is currently released on App Store (opens new window) and Google Play (opens new window).

# What You Can Do

Want to contribute to the wiki?

You can make suggestions on our github page, or check out TigerHix's GitHub profile (opens new window) directly.

Don't forget to ask Tiger about the dev progress while you're at it.jpg

You can also donate on (opens new window).

If not explicitly stated by the article, all rights go to Cytoid (opens new window).

# Download Cytoid

Google Play Apple Store

# Join Our Community


Want to learn how to make levels? Interested in weekly tournaments? Or perhaps just want to vibe? Then join us in our Discord community!

QQ Group Chat

For those who are having trouble accessing Discord, try joining our group chat on QQ! (Having even more problems? Get the newest invite link from TapTap)

# Supporting Cytoid


Cytoid is 100% free and open-source. However, the budget we need to make the servers run properly is high. So if you're an enthusiast, why not consider...

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